Operation Jersey Shore Vacation is an organization whose purpose is to unite deserving soldiers who have just recently returned from or are about to embark on deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan on a free vacation with their families at the Jersey Shore.

It was started in 2009 by a junior at Monsignor Donovan High school Alexis (Lexi Sinor) with help from her your younger sister Amie.The idea for this program came to them when, their older sister Aaren was outside of Rome when a deadly earthquake hit in April 2009. Hundreds were reported dead and thousands missing. Many agonizing hours passed before their family was able to get in touch with Aaren and be assured she was safe. It occurred to the sisters that this is how military families feel every day, but sometimes it’s more than just a few hours that they don’t hear from their loved ones.

They wanted to give back to them and their families for all of their dedication and sacrifice to our country and Operation Jersey Shore Vacation was the way for them to do that. To date, OJSV has arranged for fifteen military families to receive a free vacation at the Jersey Shore.

Last fall Lexi went off to college in Utah. The distance made it difficult for Lexi to manage matters all the way back in New Jersey. Due to her absence, she handed the reigns over to Amie hit the ground running, her goal was not only to keep the momentum of OJSV but also increase awareness. She recruited “best” friend and fellow classmate Paige Laurence to help in this endeavor. As freshman they petitioned for and received approval of OJSV as a club at their high school, Monsignor Donovan in Toms River, New Jersey. They’re ultimate goal for Operation Jersey Shore is to spread beyond Long Beach Island, to the entire Jersey Shore and then eventually the United States.

Currently OJSV is in the process of trying to establish 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit status.